AquaEd Home Portal

Stay up to date with swimming progress through AquaEd’s home portal - our online platform where teachers update progress weekly.

Once you are enrolled on to the AquaEd scheme you can join the home portal to track your child’s development. Home Portal gives you a greater understanding of each stage of the swimming programme as you can view progress, assessments, skills as well as current proficiency level. This information is great to know for practice during your discounted swimming sessions between lessons.

Once a stage is successfully completed, you will receive a notification and can move to the next level. (Available to view on the home portal within 48 hours of an attended lesson.)


Lessons Available at

  • Hitchin Swimming Centre
  • North Herts Leisure Centre
  • Royston Leisure Centre

Type of Sessions Available

  • Adult Swimming Lessons
  • Adult & Baby/Child
  • Rookie Lifeguard
  • AquaEd Crash Courses
  • AquaEd School Swimming
  • Distance Awards
  • Sessions available at selected centres

Reasons to join

  • Runs for 50 weeks a year
  • Monthly direct debit payments
  • Fun, engaging and professional teaching
  • Awards at each stage
  • Home Portal facility to manage progress
  • Subsidised swimming outside of lessons