The AquaEd Learn to Swim Programme incorporates 4 Swim England specialised frameworks from Adult & Baby sessions through to Adult classes. You can start at any stage depending on your ability and age.

Each stage within the frameworks has a number of awards available. This allows our teachers to praise and reward our students - once you have passed a stage, you will receive an award!

Swim England Pre School Framework - From 6 months old
This is the very first Framework of AquaEd and introduces children from 6 months to the water. This is made up of two stages; Adult & Child and Duckling.

During the Adult & Child stage, you will be in the pool with your child, making them feel at ease in the water with guidance from our Instructors.

During the Duckling stage, your child will progress to swimming without you in the water but will be aided by our expert Instructors.

Your child will learn the core swimming skills during this Framework through fun and games. They will gain water confidence from the start of their learn to swim journey.

​​Swim England Learn to Swim Framework (stages 1 to 7)  For ages 4-11 years
The Learn to Swim Framework is aimed at children aged 4-11 years. This is made up of seven stages which will teach your child all of the fundamentals of swimming. Each stage has a number of competencies which have to be completed.

Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework (stages 8 to 10) For further learning
The Aquatic Skills Framework is aimed at those that have completed the Learn to Swim Framework. This is made up of three stages: swimming, diving and water polo which allows you to develop existing skills further.

Swim England Adult Framework For all abilities
The Adult Framework caters for a range of abilities, from non-swimmers and nervous swimmers to those who want to build confidence. Our classes are small sizes so you can receive the support you require. The classes aim to develop swimming skills and improve stroke skills and technique.

Additional Activities
In addition our swimming programmes offer a variety of additional activities such as mini polo, Rookie Lifeguard, pre competitive swimming and Diving.

Lessons Available at

  • Hitchin Swimming Centre
  • North Herts Leisure Centre
  • Royston Leisure Centre

Type of Sessions Available

  • Adult Swimming Lessons
  • Adult & Baby/Child
  • Rookie Lifeguard
  • AquaEd Crash Courses
  • AquaEd School Swimming
  • Distance Awards
  • Sessions available at selected centres

Reasons to join

  • Runs for 50 weeks a year
  • Monthly direct debit payments
  • Fun, engaging and professional teaching
  • Awards at each stage
  • Home Portal facility to manage progress
  • Subsidised swimming outside of lessons