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It's that time of year again when men are a) given the excuse not to shave and b) they don't get frowned upon, in fact they are encouraged to  have  a rummage in their under pants. I am of course referring to Movemeber,  a clever play on the words Moustache and November, the month when thousands  of men grow or attempt to grow a 'tash to raise awareness and funding for prostate and testicular cancer and men's mental health.
Historically, women's' health problems are well promoted and as a rule many of us females trot along to the GP to get our boobs and bits checked out but, men are notorious   for sticking their head in the sand and ignoring the signs that are there for fear of causing a fuss, embarrassment or simply because it's 'not what men do'.  Leaving signs and symptoms too long can really make things worse.


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