My five health and wellbeing wishes


Move It!

Wish number one– I have heard every reason there is not to be more active and I can find a solution for every single one of them! The truth is that one of the best things you can do for your health is to be more active and it doesn’t have to be in a gym! You could go for a walk, borrow a dog, join a walking group or go for a stroll on your own,  it will do you so much good.  Put your fav music on at home and have a boogie; no one’s watching go on … do it! Have a kick about in the park, go for a swim with the kids and get them active too. Once you have discovered something you enjoy you will feel more confident in trying more structured exercise sessions, you can then seek advice from fitness instructors who specialise in helping you to reach your goals. One step at a time…

Stay Lean in 2018!

Wish number two– Don’t do what you always do on January 1st and follow an unbelievably restrictive near-starvation- fad- diet which you will abandon after three days because you are so hungry or battle on with until February when you have lost your access weight only to go back to your old habits and put all the weight and some back on, otherwise known as yo-yo dieting. Instead eat healthy, balanced meals full of healthy food groups and cut down on sugar, processed foods and high fatty foods all year round. Follow the 80% 20% formula: Eat healthy food 80% of the time and the other 20% have a treat so you can still enjoy a little of what you fancy. Weight loss takes time: believe me, there are absolutely no quick fix weight loss tricks that work, the weight took time to build up, it’s gonna take time to go!

Don’t be afraid to talk

Wish number three – if you are feeling low, if things are overwhelming you, if you are not coping, contact people who can help you. Your nearest Mind organisation, the Samaritans, your GP, a friend or relative: whoever you feel comfortable talking to. Don’t bottle up your problems, they won’t go away

Get that health test!

Wish number four– Take advantage of the NHS health screening opportunities such as mammograms, bowel screening, blood pressure tests, cholesterol tests or prostate tests. Don’t be afraid to have them done, prevention and early detection is a far better option than sticking your head in the sand.

Stub it out

Wish number 5 – Stop smoking. There are no reasons for anyone to smoke, it is an addiction, it has many positive health properties, it is incredibly bad for your health, it’s anti-social and costs an absolute fortune! Smoking cessation clinics are everywhere, your Pharmacist and GP can refer you to stop smoking specialists in your area.

My wish

Wish number six – Is for me, I wish that in 2018, everyone will take responsibility for their own health, that people will recognise that they have the power to make health behaviour changes themselves so that they can enjoy good physical and mental health and remain independent and active in their old age. We owe it to ourselves to look after the body we have been given and not increase the risk of developing avoidable medical conditions and rely on medication to keep us going.

Have a wonderful Christmas (see previous blogs on how to have a healthy one!!) and a very happy New Year- Fingers crossed my powers of Fairy Godmother will work!

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