How to boost your immune system


Other than wearing a surgeons mask and latex gloves (which could look very strange!) what can you do to avoid these little critters and to improve your chances of avoiding catching every illness going?

Wash your hands

If germs and viruses were visible and  brightly coloured you would be horrified by the quantity of them on your hands. When someone sneezes or coughs into their hands and then touches door handles, cash or shop goods which we then touch. If we  touch our face, eyes, nose or mouth  the germs penetrate into our system, and hey presto, we’ve got the lurgie!

80% of all germs enter the body via this route so it is really important to wash regularly particularly before eating and drinking. Anti-bacterial hand wash can help but you can’t beat soap and water. It particularly bothers me when I see someone in public loo’s who walks out without  washing their hands, eeeewwwww!!!!!!!


Our immune system relies on our lymphatic system to carry antioxidants around our body to help keep us healthy. Unlike blood, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump to help it travel around, it relies on muscular contraction. Being active helps the flow of the lymphatic system.

Physical activity also helps to reduce stress; high stress levels release cortisol into the blood stream which can supress the immune system. Of course, it also helps to keep weight to a healthy level which also improves our immune system.


Massage is not only lovely and relaxing and very enjoyable it helps with our circulation too, which in turn helps the lymphatic system. It also helps to release toxins and water retention. Bribe your loved one tonight to give you a massage, offer to return the favour!


The above may help with this!! The friskier of us are helping to boost an antibody which fights off colds. All I will say is that you never see a rabbit sipping Lemsip do you….?!

Keep hydrated

Aim to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Cells rely on water and if you are dehydrated they are not able to work at their best. It also helps to flush out toxins from the body.


Garlic and onions have anti-microbial properties which fight off certain bacteria and viruses. On a plus side, if you do get ill no one around you is going to get close enough to you to catch it!


While we’re in the land of nod our bodies are busy repairing themselves. Cells regenerate, injuries and normal every day wear and tears are healing. When we are ill our body wants to sleep so that we can get better. Aim to get between seven and nine hours kip a night to keep your immune system at its best.

Avoid alcohol binges

Drink sensibly, alcohol supresses the part of the immune system that protects you from catching something in the first place and the part that fights off the germs that are already in your system.

Don’t smoke

Smokers have an increased risk of infection; they get more colds, sore throats and repeated attacks of bronchitis than a non-smoker.

Brush your skin!

Use a loafer (no, not a loaf o’ bread!) in the bath or shower to help with lymphatic drainage, flush out toxins and excess fluids… not to mention great looking skin!

Have a laugh!

Having a good old belly laugh actually does help our immune system. A chuckle a day keeps the germs at bay apparently! Certain immune cells are produced by laughing.

Green Tea

Is this really good for you or a load of hype? Depending on what report you read it can benefit our health because of its antioxidant properties but others say it’s no better than a glass of water. If you enjoy it keep drinking it but if you hate it, don’t force cup fulls of it down just because you think you should!

5 a day!

Eat lots of green and brightly coloured fruit and veg. These contain vitamins A,C E and selenium which help by fighting off free radicals which are highly reactive molecules found in pollution.

So, to avoid the snotty noses and gurgling digestive systems eat healthy choices, keep hydrated, be physically active, stub out the ciggies, drink alcohol sensibly, tell a daily joke and stop using headaches as an excuse!!!

Good health!

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