During the summer lockdown, one on the problems many people found so hard to deal with was loneliness. Being furloughed from work and separated from our friends and family is not an easy thing to cope with. It is so important to keep in contact with people so that we don’t feel on our own, to stimulate our minds, to have a laugh or a moan with and to make us feel connected to the outside world.

If you live alone or if you know of someone who does, it is even more important that contact is made otherwise a vicious circle begins: you don’t speak to anyone for a period of time, you become low or even depressed and then, you don’t want to speak to anyone and you find it difficult to get yourself out of the rut.

There are some things that you can do;

  • You can meet up with people by texts and phone calls. That ping of a text can really help as someone is thinking about you enough to contact you which can lift your mood. Hearing a friendly voice on the other end of your phone can also massively help.
  • See people via Zoom calls. We are all experts at this now! How lovely is it to see smiling faces?
  • If you think that it may be a struggle and that you won’t have anything to talk about, call or text a friend when you’re both watching your favourite TV programme. It’s a great conversation stimulator.
  • Listen to Podcasts. There are so many available now, it really feels like they are talking to you and, depending on the subject being spoken about you can learn a new skill. There are many humorous Podcasts to choose from that can give you a giggle.
  • If you feel very low or anxious, call someone that you know you can trust and open up to them. They may be feeling the same as you.
  • Don’t assume that everyone is coping and that you are the only one who isn’t. They may be feeling a lot worse and your phone call will be so appreciated.
  • Go for a walk, see people, see that the world is still turning, smile at someone, it will brighten your day as well as theirs.

Lockdown is tough for everyone, don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you are truly on your own contact your local Mind or the Samaritans on 116 123, this is a 24 hour service. You don’t have to be suicidal; they are there if you need to talk to someone.

We all need to look after ourselves and each other over the next few weeks. We will get through this, life will slowly get back to how it was, I was going to say normal but, then again, what is normal?!


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