We need a Holiday!


This weeks’ blog is about holidays; how to recognise the signs you need to get away and why we feel better for it when we do…..

I love holidays; I love the countdown (28 working days to go!!!!) I love looking at the destination on the internet a zillion times, I love the excitement! Sometimes we leave it far too long before getting away, even for a short break,  we can get so caught up in our job and think that we simply cannot take time off because we’re far too busy and before you know it we’ve gone past the cut off time for annual leave!

Back in the middle ages workers were allowed to rest on Holy Days – hence the word holiday. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that workers got a few days paid holiday leave each year. Nowadays employers encourage us to take annual leave; they recognise that we will be less productive and more prone to mistakes, in other words useless!

We owe it to our ancestors to make sure we use our annual leave! Most of us don’t have a problem with this and plan regular breaks throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be a full 14 days away, the benefits of a long weekend can do us the power of good.

Friday night (if you’re not working the weekend) and your mood is lifted; two days off!  But come Sunday evening and your brain slips back into work mode again, we are on a habitual wheel of stop start, what we really need is a few days off to completely rest the brain.

Signs that you need a break

Some holidays can be as stressful as being at home, especially if you have young children. The amount of luggage needed is similar to an evacuation of a small country; older kids get bored, younger kids scream for the whole 2.5 hour flight and remind me, this is meant to do us good???

The key is to be organised, get the kids things to play with/ keep them occupied. Travel at times when children won’t be over-tired. (When a baby cries because it’s ‘over- tired’, why doesn’t it just go to sleep?!) Or, take grandparents with you, they’ll jump at the chance of spending two weeks with  their grandchild and you get to relax, everyone’s happy, result! or as Del Boy would say, Bonne de douche!

Even without children holidays can be stressful;I know a successful business man who takes three weeks annual leave at once; it takes him one week to unwind, relaxes for one week and then starts to get stressed on the third week in anticipation of returning home! He is continually looking at work emails so he really isn’t switching off at all.

Don’t forget the holiday essentials;

Try not to over-pack, how many times have you gone away and only used a quarter of the contents of your case? Take the essentials…

Of course, your holiday doesn’t have to be sun, sea and sand, relaxation for you may be climbing a mountain or playing golf, whatever it takes for you to switch off, re-charge your batteries and de-stress is good. Just by getting out in the fresh air, doing some physical activity and turning off your brain  are all the things you need to feel human again!

Don’t ruin all the benefits you have just got from your holiday and get stressed when you have to come back. If you can, take a couple of days extra so that you don’t walk off the plane and straight back into work.

Back in the old days we used to take holiday photo’s and have to send them off to be developed. Imagine that, not seeing your snaps for at least five days after your holidays have finished! I can still remember the excitement of collecting the wallet of 24 or 36 photos and I can still remember the disappointment of the lense cap being accidently left on, the thumb over the lense or the exposure damage to the film! Now and again there’d be a good one, a memory of the holiday to keep. Now we see your selfies and pouts before you’re back!

Now you’re back you should feel refreshed, a new person. You’ve been re-introduced to your family/ husband/ wife /partner. You can go back to work with a spring in your step, just don’t go on about your holiday too much, there will be someone there needing  a holiday who just may kill you…

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