Using the Centre 

Houghton Regis Leisure Centre

In line with current government guidance and to ensure Lifestyles@houghton remains Covid 19 secure you will notice some changes to how we operate, what is available and how you use and navigate the centre.

For Your Health and Wellbeing

  • Stay at home and self-isolate even if you only have minor symptoms such as; a cough, headache, mild fever or loss of taste and or smell.

  • Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub to kill any viruses that may be on your hands.

  • Please make sure you have washed and / or sanitised your hands before entering your activity session. We have extra sanitiser stations around the centre but we also recommend that you bring your own.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other people in case they or you cough or sneeze spreading the virus through droplets.

  • Please follow the Swim England guidance on pre swim arrival, duration of swim and post swim arrangements.

  • Whilst in the building and the pool, follow guidance on social distancing, direction of travel and other risk control measures that are put in place.

  • Spend as little time as possible in the wetside changing rooms, whilst following the operator’s guidance on maintaining safe levels of distance.


Car Park, building entry and restrictions in place

  • The car park will operate as normal. Please make sure that you are socially distancing.
  • The pavement that runs alongside the building will be where the entrance queue will be located and marked out with 2m distance markings.

Main reception, One Way System & Circulation Areas

  • There will be one-way entry queue for reception
  • Expect to see clear partitions in place to shield our receptionists and we encourage all transactions to be contactless

  • A one-way system is operating throughout the centre, please follow the white arrows on the floor.

  • Yellow arrows will direct you to the nearest available toilet.

  • Exits from the centre will be marked by Red arrows and exit will be via fire exits in relevant activity areas; do not expect to leave the building from the same place that you entered it. (Studio 3 classes will exit via the gym fire exit)

  • Some doors around the building will be marked as entry, exit or out of use

Toilets changing rooms and shower provision

  • Dry side changing rooms including showers and toilets are closed. (The toilets outside the gym will still be open)
  • Please come ready to work out as there will be no changing areas or lockers available.
  • Wet side change is in use for Lane swimming and Aquacise only. The toilets in this area will be closed and the male/female toilet/changing rooms will now be communal. Changing will now be in cubicles only throughout the Changing village.
  • Reception toilets will be available to use.
  • As Toilet availability will be limited we ask that you co-operate with others on maintaining social distancing.



  • Upon re-opening badminton and table tennis will be available for single play or household only.

  • Double play or Rule of 6 will come into effect from 17th May. 
  • Where possible bring your own equipment.

  • Booking terms and conditions apply and are subject to change.

  • Under 18's club group activity can take place from 12th April. 

Activities currently not running:

  • Holiday Activities
  • Casual swimming
  • Pool inflatable sessions
  • Family fun sessions - Pool
  • Childrens parties
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Omnia



  • Numbers will be controlled and you will not be able to just ‘swipe in’. If you haven’t booked online/phone for your gym session you will have to register with reception and they will book you in if there is space to do so. If you don’t book then you may be turned away.
  • In order to maintain fair usage sessions are bookable on the hour, every hour. Gym will be closed Mon-Fri 12:30-13:00.
  • We have re-arranged the gym to facilitate social spacing however, some high risk contact/ equipment has been removed.
  • Please wipe down the machines / equipment before and after each use and replace any equipment back into its designated area.
  • No personal towels are to be brought in, only use blue roll and spray provided to wipe the machines / equipment down.
  • Please be considerate to your fellow users over the time spent on a piece of equipment.
  • There is an arrowed system in place to guide you around the gym, but please also keep a safe distance from other gym users.


  • The class numbers have been reduced to allow social spacing and customer welfare.
  • Please view the online timetable for booking of classes as this will always be up to date
  • Please check start times as these may change and do not enter the centre until 5 minutes before your class.
  • Please bring your own mat where possible.
  • To maximise space, most classes will be in a different studio’s (see timetable for details).
  • Booking terms and conditions apply and are subject to change.
  • The class programme will be reviewed regularly.
  • No personal towels are to be brought in, only use blue roll and paper towels
  • Queuing areas have been marked outside the studios


Poolside and Swimming Pools Booking and timetable

  • Check the website/social media channels or contact the facility directly for timetable, user guidance and booking instructions.
  • All lane swimming sessions are bookable online


Wet side changing rooms

  • Changing used for Lane swimming and Aquacise customers only
  • 10 people max for lane swimming and aquacise
  • Changing to be in cubicles only, this now means the male/female changing rooms within the changing village are now communal.
  • 2 communal showers available for quick rinse down
  •  Toilets will be closed.


To reduce time spent in changing areas

  • Arrive ready to swim. Once you have finished your swim, leave as soon as you can.
  • Shower at home, (Communal showers will be available but arriving wearing your swimwear under your clothing and showering at home pre and post swimming will help minimise time spent in the changing rooms and help maintain the water quality).


In the pool

  • Shallow end for entry and deep end for exit.
  • We ask swimmers where possible to climb out over the side exit rather than using the steps. This will reduce the amount of contact to equipment.
  • Respect people of different standards and abilities; respect their right to enjoy their swim
  • Do not make physical contact with other participants.
  • Direction - Please follow the directional signs and move across to the appropriate side of the lane for each length.
  • Space - Always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and another swimmer.

  • Strokes - If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, think about moving lanes.

  • Take any equipment/aids with you (floats, kick boards etc.) ensuring it is clean and identifiable asyours before you arrive and follow the lifeguard’s guidance on use of any equipment.

  • Resting - Whether stopping for a rest or catching your breath after completing your swim, please be mindful that others using the lane will want to keep on swimming without stopping; so keep yourself to the edge of the lane allowing others to turn at the wall, turning head away and allowing others to maintain social distancing measures.

  • Stay hydrated by bringing your own ‘pre-filled’ water bottle on to poolside during your swim.

  • Speed and overtaking - Choose your lane using the slow and fast signs and by watching those already swimming. Please do not overtake whilst swimming. Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching.


  • We are following the ‘Swim England Guidance for Operators’.
  • Changing facilities will be the male and female dryside changing rooms but for after swimming lessons only.
  • Children must come swim ready.
  • Entry to poolside will be via the Changing village, wait at a 2m marker for a member of staff to allow entry onto the poolside for the lesson. You can exit through the staff entrance/exit on poolside and make your way to the Squash courts where there is a waiting area. All children under 8 must have a parent/guardian in the waiting area throughout their lesson.
  • When you pick up your child/children you will need to wait at a 2m marker in the vending area (near the dryside changing rooms) A member of staff will allow you onto poolside, once collected you can either et changed in the dryside changing room (over 11’s must wear a mask) or you can go straight out of the facility at the fire exit on poolside.
  • Our teachers will be delivering from the poolside and where possible will remain in the same teaching station for the duration of their shift and aim to use the same equipment throughout to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination.
  • Our Teachers will adhere to government guidance on social distancing. The number of personnel on poolside has been evaluated to maintain social distancing.
  • One parent/carer per child will be allowed to drop their child / children to swimming lessons.
  • Delivery of all stages may be in alternative depths to the usual delivery areas.
  • Teachers will do confidence and safety introductions to changing depths in lesson stations.
  • Equipment that cannot be sanitised in the pool will be appropriately cleaned between activities. This will include surfaces in high traffic areas such as handrails.

Any customer observed not following the above Covid secure measures will be asked to leave the centre immediately by staff.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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