Annual AquaEd Diving Competition


On Saturday 16 December, Stevenage Swimming Centre held their annual AquaEd Diving Competition. The day was a great success, with medals and certificates awarded to all the children that took part.

For this event, the chosen charity to fundraise for was The Petersons Fund. This charity supports children with cerebral palsy and other similar mental/physical disabilities. Amongst the crowd cheering on participants was Celeese, pictures below. Celeese has total agenesis of the corpus callosum which means she has no speech or weight bearing ability, along with hearing and vision impairment. The Petersons Fund has been supporting Celeese, and with their help she has now taken her first steps with a K Walker. Throughout the day, Stevenage Swimming Centre raised £156.18p for The Petersons Fund charity by selling homemade cupcakes as well as sweets.

The event was organised by Nina Morgan; Swimming Coordinator, along with Sally Mernagh, Lauren Jones, Kieron Johnson and Elliot Mernagh who are all part of the Diving Coaches Team. The judges were Martyn Brown and Derek Beaumont.

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