SLL - a Charitable Trust


As a Charitable Trust every penny we make goes back into services and facilities to support the local communities we serve.

This cross-subsidy approach distinguishes the Charitable Trust model from other public leisure services because profit generating activities subsidise non-profit generating activities such as health, library and outreach programmes.

SLL is one of more than 100 Charitable Trusts in England, Wales, and Scotland and with a combined turnover of £2 billion* a year - that’s a lot of money going back into the local economy.

This model also enables income from users who can afford to pay to be ring-fenced to subsidise access to activities.

We work in partnership with the local council, we listen to communities, we are transparent. We deliver slightly different programmes at each centre which reflect the need within the local community.

We have a passion to improve social, mental and physical wellbeing the difference we make together is remarkable. Improving people’s health & wellbeing means reducing the cost of treatment and care later in life.

And it’s not just councils we partner with. Partnership working is part of the DNA of Charitable Trusts. We work with health partners, social care partners and other third sector organisations and charities.

To ensure communities have a voice in what we do, our board is made up of members from the local community.

We are a registered charity no: 1144638

We are also a member of Community Leisure UK and only organisations who conform to good principles of operation and governance achieve this accreditation.


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