Councillors praise prompt response of Sailing Centre team

Stevenage councillors have praised the actions of the team at Fairlands Valley Sailing Centre who leapt into action to both save a pet dog that ran onto the frozen lake at Fairlands Valley Park, and stop its owner attempting a dangerous rescue.

On a foggy Thursday morning the dog, which had been off its lead, had wondered onto the ice covered lake after being distracted by wildlife. Once alerted, two members of the centre’s team  quickly made their way to the boat to reach the animal, whilst another used the centre’s Land Rover to make contact with the owners of the dog, and dissuade one of whom was attempting to enter the freezing lake. The temperature of the water and covering of ice would have made a potential rescue especially dangerous.

Thankfully, the terrier was quickly rescued by the boat and reunited safely with its owners, who were advised to visit the vet however to check the dog for hypothermia.

The sailing centre is managed by SLL (Stevenage Leisure Ltd) in partnership with Stevenage Borough Council.

Cllr Richard Henry, Executive Member for Children, Young People & Leisure commented: “A high percentage of frozen water deaths are caused by people attempting to rescue their dogs so I would like to say a massive thank you to the SLL Team at Fairlands Valley for their quick thinking and prompt response. This highlights the importance of keeping dogs under control at Fairlands, and the need to put them on a lead especially when walking by open water as it is so easy for them to be become distracted and run off.”