Company Announcement

Following the recent government announcement that gyms and leisure centres are able to reopen we are pleased to confirm that we will be implementing a phased approach with some of our centres reopening from 25th July.

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support during this time.

We have been working hard during this closure period to implement a plan of how you can get back to enjoying your favourite activity.

We’ve all had to adjust to a different way of living and a visit to your local centre will change. We’ve listened to your feedback and we know how important cleanliness, social distancing measures and the support of our team is to our customers.

Therefore we wanted to share with you the measures we have implemented to help you.

We would ask you to help us, by keeping to these measures to ensure that we can keep everyone safe and you can enjoy your chosen activity. We are all in this together.

As you can see, although we will be re-opening our doors, there will be changes to what we offer and we will be listening to government advice as this develops. In summary;

  • We have a continuous cleaning regime across the centre, through the day.
  • A one way path and queueing systems will be in place around the centre.
  • Activities including the gym and swimming sessions should be booked in advance and paid for via contactless or cashless payments. The booking period has also changed to accommodate this. For members, bookings can be made 7 days in advance. For Centre Members, bookings can be made 4 days in advance.
  • In the gym equipment may be removed or temporarily unavailable to allow everyone to work-out safely.
  • Class timetables may change to ensure that customers can exit and enter safely and the areas to be cleaned or wiped down.
  • We are reopening our swimming facilities in line with Swim England guidance.
  • Lane swimming will be available and customers should come to the pool ‘beach ready’ and shower at home prior to their swim.
  • Swimming pool changing facilities will operate a one-way system to minimise contact with other swimmers and a number of cubicles and lockers may be unavailable to allow for social distancing and cleaning to take place.
  • Double lanes will be available to provide more space between swimmers with fast, medium and slow lanes with a maximum of 10 swimmers per lane. To ensure social distancing is maintained there will be no overtaking by swimmers within the lane.
  • Swimming pool timetable will be regularly reviewed with session times and gaps to allow for cleaning.
    Some facilities will be limited or unavailable initially.
  • Please ensure you adhere to social distancing throughout your visit and are considerate to other users.

We appreciate you might have some questions, our Frequently Asked Questions should provide you with further information. 

For centre specific information please visit their homepage and read the code of best practice guide. 



We will be contacting members shortly with details of membership. When we reopen direct debit memberships will be reinstated, or if you continued to pay, a freeze will be applied. Annual memberships will be extended to reflect the closure period. 

SportEd Members

SportEd sessions will be recommencing in September, when payments will resume or a freeze applied if you continued to pay. 

Aqua Ed Members

Swimming lessons will resume from Monday 27th July. We are currently reviewing the timetable to ensure the safety of our swimmers and parents/carers. There may be some amendments to the programme which will require some changes to the day or time of your lessons. The centre’s Swim Manager will contact you if this is necessary.

What to expect when you attend your swimming lesson

  • Only one adult should accompany a child to the swimming lesson to limit the number of spectators in the centre
  • Swimmers should come to the pool ‘beach ready ‘with swim wear worn under clothing.
  • Teachers will not be able to help with hats and goggles please ensure your child has these items on ready to commence the lesson.
  • Follow the centres one-way system. There will be directional arrows on the floor to guide you around the centre.
  • There may be restricted/no access to the changing rooms prior to the lesson.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to shower at home prior to and after their lesson to minimise the amount of time spent in the changing rooms.
  • Swimmers should bring their own equipment to the lesson where possible (please ensure it is clearly named)
  • All Swimming Teachers will deliver their lessons from the poolside. Additional buoyancy aids will be used to ensure your child’s safety
  • There will be no public swimming when the AquaEd lessons are in progress

Please be aware there may be specific differences at your site, please follow staff instructions, we are here to help.

We have been working hard to ensure the safety of all our customers and team. Please review our Covid-19 reopening risk assessment. The risk assessments are constantly being updated and reviewed to ensure best practice.

To ensure we are keeping all our customers safe we will be supporting the NHS Track and Trace system. Find out what this means for you here