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The Dunstable Centre

In order to maintain new regulations and keep everyone safe there will be some changes to how we operate, what is available and how you use the centre.

For Your Health and Wellbeing

  • Stay at home and self-isolate even if you only have minor symptoms such as; such as cough; headache; mild fever; Exercise cannot ‘sweat it out’

  • Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub to kill any viruses that may be on your hands.

  • Please make sure you have washed and / or sanitised your hands before entering your activity session. We have extra sanitiser stations around the centre but we also recommend that you bring your own.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other persons in case they or you cough or sneeze spreading the virus through droplets.

One Way System & Circulation Areas

  •  A new 1 way system is operating throughout the centre, please follow the directional signage on the floor.
  • Please come ready to work out, changing rooms will not be open at this stage
  • Showers will not be available at this stage
  • Toilets availability will be limited and due to the layout of our centre we ask that you co-operate with others on maintaining social distance. Please always wash your hands thoroughly.
  • If you do require lift access then only 1 person in the lift at any 1 time unless you are from the same household or are a carer

Using The Gym

  • Numbers will be controlled and you will not be able to just ‘swipe in’. If you haven’t booked online for your gym session you will have to register with sports reception your attendance. This may not be guaranteed if the fitness suite is at full capacity and therefore we encourage you to book online before your visit
  • Gym sessions will be limited to 1 hour time frames and we ask that you immediately leave the facility following the 1 way system and new exit point
  • The gym has been spaced out so that each station adheres to social distancing. To accommodate this, the gym has been re-arranged to maintain as much equipment as possible.
  • Some equipment will not be in use and will clearly be marked, we ask that you do not use this equipment at any pointPlease wipe down the machine / equipment before and after each use and replace any equipment back into its storage area. Only use paper towel and spray provided to wipe the machines down.
  • Sweat towels are not permitted

  • Spotting and sharing of machines is not permitted so please only use weights you are comfortable with and be considerate to your fellow user over the time spent on a piece of equipment

  • Please follow the 1 way system around the gym.

  •  The fitness suite will be closed twice daily for 30 minutes to carry out a deep clean of the equipment at11.00am and 4.30pm



  • Please come ready for your workout class as changing rooms will not be available
  • The class programme will be affected and some classes may not be programmes upon re-opening
  • Please view the online booking of classes as the most accurate timetable of classes
  • Please check start times as these may change and do not enter the centre until 5 minutes before your class
  • Please queue on the markers outside the studio and wait for your instructor to provide access
  • Please book online for your class, we are restricted in numbers and attempting booking upon arrival may result in you not being able to take part.
  • Please bring your own mat as these will not be available
  • Classes have reduced in time to allow for cleaning and changeover, please make sure you clean your own equipment before and after each class with the paper towel and spray provided
  • Booking terms have changed for our re-opening and you can only book a maximum of 7 days in advance.
  • The class programme will be reviewed weekly

Please follow the 1 way system at all times throughout the building and leave after the class


  • For all recreational racquet sports a group of up to 6 people or two households can meet indoors.
  • We will not be hiring any equipment therefore you must bring your own equipment
  • If your activity is in the Main Hall, you may experience noise (music and instruction) from exercise classes that have moved in to the hall.
  • Other sporting activities will be reviewed on a weekly basis.



  • We will only be offering 1 activity at a time in the pool
  • All bathers must come beach ready with their swimming attire under their clothing
  • We ask bathers to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the session
  • Lane swimming and family swim will be available for booking
  • We ask that our users shower before and after use at home
  • The pool will close for 15 minutes after each session to allow for a cleaning regime to take place
  • We ask all AquaEd swimmers and parents to follow the 1 way and queuing system as instructed by staff
  • Once the session is over we ask that all bathers leave the centre following the 1 way system

Any customer observed not following the above code of conduct will be asked to leave the centre immediately by staff.

Note if you are showing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 such as cough, headache or mild fever, for your safety and for the safety of you friends and their families stay at home.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.


  • 100 Station Gym
  • Three Workout Studios
  • Group Cycle Studio
  • Six Lane Swimming Pool
  • Two Squash Courts
  • Six Court Sports Hall
  • Cafe
  • Creche

Memberships Available

  • Monthly Lifestyles Membership
  • Annual Lifestyles Membership
  • Monthly Xtra Membership
  • Annual Xtra Membership


  • Boditrax
  • Personal Training
  • Free Lifestyle Programme
  • Exercise Referral
  • Technogym Mywellness

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