Paralysed Man can cycle again


I am immensely proud of our teams of dedicated, highly qualified professional instructors who are experts in providing a first class service to patients referred by medical professionals.

We constantly meet some lovely people, many of whom have been fighting a battle with their health for years. Through taking part in physical activity in whatever form, they have found that exercise has made such a difference to their lives; physically and mentally. Their health improvements, comments and gratitude to staff is what keeps us motivated and committed to ensure that everyone, no matter what their medical condition is has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being active.

Some of the patients referred to the schemes have complex needs and are not able to access traditional gym equipment. You may have seen the anti-gravity treadmill which has transformed so many peoples lives and is used regularly by 90 customers who, without it would not be able to walk due to the  support the treadmill offers. You may however, not be aware of the Functional Electrical Stimulation bike, (FES) otherwise known as the Berkelbike.

This incredible bike enables users to cycle when they are unable to pedal a regular bike. Incredibly, James  Putrell, who is paralysed from the chest down after being involved in a horrific motor bike accident is able to cycle due to the electrical stimulation delivered to his muscles. Other customers who have had strokes, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, spinal problems or Parkinson’s have also benefited from using the bike.

All credit is to the wonderful team lead by Chris Tillbrook at the Healthy Hub Stevenage and Lifestyles Stevenage for the specialist equipment and the rest of the teams across SLL for the fantastic work they do.

Please take the time to look at the video of James and as you watch,  be aware that he is completely paralysed, it is his legs peddling with the assistance of the electrical stimulation!

James Putrell:

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