How to get through this!


In these uncertain times, it is only natural that people are feeling anxious or worried about the coronavirus, also known as the COVID -19. Becoming ill, the uncertainty of  employment and  the effect it will have on finances, the possibility or reality of  having to self- isolate at home and being forced to be separated from friends and loved ones, social media sensationalising food shortages and fatalities is enough to scare the life out of us all. So, how are we going to get through this?

Don’t listen to gossip!

The Government and Public Health England are the experts. Don’t listen to your neighbours friend of a friends’ second cousin who has suddenly become better qualified than medical professionals, virologist and Scientist across the world and knows for  absolute certain that this virus can live in your tea bags for three weeks so you should stop drinking tea, or something as equally ridiculous!

Be sensible with social distancing

Any of us could be carrying the virus, even before we show any symptoms. If only, when infected, people turned florescent pink with orange dots then, it would be obvious who to stay away from but: You.Just.Don’t.Know. imagine that everyone is pink and orange, I’m sure that would make you not hesitate but to stay the recommended two meters away from them; better still, unless it’s absolutely necessary, STAY AT HOME!

Keep washing your hands

Some soaps kill viruses and make the skin slippery so that it can’t attach itself, so wash regularly. It is more effective than anti- bacterial hand gel so, no need to panic buy this stuff, only use this when you can’t get near a wash basin.

Being poorly

Most people who catch the virus will be unwell, some with only mild symptoms, others will have a not very nice at all week in bed but, they will make a full recovery. It is the elderly and those with underlying health problems who at a higher risk of having more serious problems which is why the Government has enforced the precautions that they have and it is possible that there will be more sanctions introduced for our safety in the near future.

Social Isolation

Social isolation is a possibility for us all and this is something that is causing a great deal of anxiety for many people, especially those who live alone. It is important that we all pull together and look after each other. If you know of someone who has been forced to stay at home try to keep in contact with them, one reason for depression is living alone. Let people know that you are there for them: create a social media group, call them, facetime/ skype them so that they feel included in what’s going on in the world; it could be you stuck in doors, think how important human contact is to you!

Normal routine

If you are going to be on your own, try to keep to a daily routine as close to your normal one: get up at roughly the same time of day, shower, put your make up on, have a shave (optional!) get dressed so that you’re not in your jim jams all day. Make a list of jobs in the house that you never get round to doing, the ones that you keep putting off, how good will you feel about yourself when you can actually close that wardrobe door again?! You could learn a new skill, there’s plenty on YouTube. The key is to keep busy. You will then deserve to sit down and catch up on Netflix!

Fresh air!

If you have a garden it is important to get some fresh air and it will be a great way to keep active; mowing the lawn, weeding etc but if you don’t have a garden, open the windows to let fresh air in and try to sit near the window to look at the outside world.

Don’t sit down all day!

Try to keep as active as possible, Stevenage Leisure Ltd are posting home workouts and advice on how to stay active on our facebook pages - find out more here.

Mind has produced an extremely helpful information pack to help if:


If you feel overwhelmed and need to speak to someone call the Samaritans on 116 123.


Look after each other and reach out if you need help. We will get through this; we will not be pink and orange for ever!

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