Stevenage Swimming Centre annual Diving Competition


Stevenage Swimming Centre hosted its annual Diving Competition on 24th November 2018. Medals and certificates were awarded to children who took part in AquaEd Diving Lessons.

The Coaches Award 2018 was presented to Natasha Woods for her support to fellow divers. She has been attending diving lessons for many years and is now looking at being involved as a helper during sessions.

A great amount of £139.50 was raised on the day by selling cupcakes and sweets to AquaEd customers on the morning of the competition. All money raised will be donated to the Petersons fund for children with serve mental and physical disabilities. You can find out more about this cause at

Special thanks must be given to Lauren Vesey, Swimming Teacher at Stevenage Swimming Centre, who kindly made the cupcakes for the sale. A thank you also goes out to Patsy and Diana, Wellness Members who helped out with the sale on the day.

The event was organised by Sally Mernagh, Elliot Mernagh, Lauren Jones, Jack Tempest and Nina Morgan.


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